LPR at entry/exit

Quercus offers one of the most technologically advanced systems from controlling vehicles at the entry and exit points of the facilities through LPR. License plate recognition at entries/exits opens a wide range of advantages for car park operators and parkers. 

The security level inside the facilities is highly increased as any attempt of fraudulent access will be detected (using shopping trolleys to get inside, ticket swapping and use of fraudulent tickets, attempts of vehicle thefts). In case of lost tickets, complete information of the vehicle can be retrieved.

License plate recognition at entry/exit provides the necessary information for the white & black list management and makes the control at access points easier and more automatic than ever. 

Another huge benefit offered by license plate recognition at entries/exits is the possibility to book in advance your parking space so that when you reach the airport, for instance, you will have a hassle-free journey, not having to waste time or energy trying to find a suitable parking space. 

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