Detection Division is the division that continues Quercus Technologies' legacy of over 20 years of experience as a license plate recognition camera manufacturer with successful installations all over the world.

This business unit markets OEM products such as license plate recognition ANPR units and camera-based sensors for parking guidance.

It also provides CCTV cameras for general video surveillance. In addition, it offers a platform to manage and interrelate all the information generated by the license plate recognition units and the security cameras, obtaining a greater control and security of the car park.




Quercus develops the most reliable license plate recognition technology and guarantees one of the highest recognition and reliability rates on the market. Constantly developed and improved by our computer-vision engineers and LPR technology experts, Quercus' technology recognizes license plates from all over the world. Quercus has developed advanced algorithms to recognize the specific characteristics of each country.

  • License plate recognition at the entries, exits and in each parking space
  • High reliability recognition (HRR), +99% success rate in most countries
  • License plate reading in more than 150 countries


Discover Quercus Technologies' products. Here you can find all its information and download its brochure.

SC Indoor

SC Indoor

Camera-based Parking Guide System

SmartLPR® - LPR Camera

SmartLPR® - LPR Camera

LPR camera



Discover the variety of applications of the products developed by Quercus Technologies®. The advantages gained with license plate recognition units and camera-based guidance system allow the parking facility to benefit from different applications. Take a look at the uses and features they offer!

Parking guidance

Quercus Technologies combines vehicle detection and number plate recognition technologies to provide a highly reliable advanced parking guidance system.

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Find your vehicle

Quercus Technologies offers you the possibility to find your car or bike if you do not remember where you parked, as the number plate recognition camera in each parking space provides information about the exact location of the vehicle

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Dynamic fares

Quercus Technologies' products allow to establish a different and dynamic fare system according to the type of parking space, its location near the entrance or in a preferential space, customized according to the client and the operator's needs.

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Quercus' products generate a lot of interesting information to have a global vision of the use of the facilities and to carry out an efficient management.

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LPR at entries and exits

Quercus offers you one of the most technologically advanced systems for controlling the flow of vehicles at car park entries/exits through the recognition of license plates.

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Quercus' latest innovation is HRR - High Reliability Recognition. Two SmartLPR Access cameras in the same lane get a "double reading" of the license plate.

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Global videosurveillance

With professional CCTV cameras and intelligent Spot Control sensors with embedded video-recording you can ensure global videosurveillance.

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Smart Cities

Quercus Technologies' products are absolutely compatible with a Smart City project, in which the parking facility must be integrated.

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Pollution abatement

Quercus Technologies provides its customers with tools that improve mobility inside and outside the car park.

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Over the years, we have gained the trust of customers all over the world. The number of regions is increasing, also in response to demand from new customers. Check out the supported countries by Quercus Technologies' units.



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