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Indoor PGS

The Quercus Technologies indoor guidance system is a fundamental management solution for speeding up mobility inside the car park and offering an excellent user experience. SC Indoor camera-based sensors indicate availability and, in turn, provide video recording and number plate readings in each space, locating the vehicles and all their movements. Thanks to the location of the vehicles in their space through the number plate reading, the users can consult this information in a kiosk, since we often forget where we have parked. The LED displays also guide users through the car park, displaying real-time information on the availability of spaces on each floor or corridor. All the information collected by the sensors is centralised and integrated into the BirdWatch Parking Suite, providing an overview of the parking situation.

Indoor parking guidance solution from Quercus Technologies

Outdoor PGS

The outdoor parking guidance system by Quercus Technologies, SC Outdoor, is the perfect complement to the internal guidance system, allowing the guidance of all the vehicles to outside areas such as rooftops or open parking lots
This camera-based outdoor solution helps increase mobility and rotation in the parking facilities. The information is centralised in the BirdWatch platform, then the LED displays and the Totem are able to guide parking users to available spaces in real time.

Outdoor parking guidance system by Quercus Technologies

Access Control

The Quercus Technologies Access Control system is a must-have solution for providing the best user experience of the car park, since queues and traffic are reduced. It also contributes to security by detecting attempts at fraudulent access, ticket exchange or attempted vehicle theft. The SmartLPR Access cameras, number plate reading units, not only allow the automation of car park entrances and exits, but also the possibility of access without a ticket, avoiding the need to touch surfaces. The information of the entrances and exits is sent and centralised to the BirdWatch software platform, providing the parking operator with an overview of the situation of the premises.

Access control designed by Quercus Technologies


The video surveillance solution offered by Quercus Technologies is the most complete and efficient of the market. The motion-triggered video recording offered by the SC Indoor sensors allows every movement in and around the space to be controlled. The information transmitted to the BirdWatch software platform is available to the operator in real time, increasing security on the premises and thus improving the experience of the user, who does not have to worry about possible incidents occurring to their vehicle.

Monitoring by Quercus Technologies parking sensors

Business Intelligence

The indoor and outdoor guidance system from Quercus Technologies, and their access control cameras and video surveillance of the overview, send all the information to the same software platform. The BirdWatch Parking Suite centralises all this interconnected information and allows parking to be managed in the most flexible and efficient way possible. The platform makes it possible to generate reports and extract statistics for better decision making, allowing the business strategy to be established. It is a fundamental and necessary tool for analyzing the efficiency of the premises, detecting weak points and reinforcing them, as well as enhancing the strong points. 

Quercus Technologies offers Business Intelligence to its clients


The software BirdWatch platform is compatible and easily integrated with other systems thanks to its API. It ensures agile integration and allows the handling of both the most innovative and standard protocols without sacrificing the high level of customer service and efficiency. It is essential that integration is easy and intelligible. The integration allows everything from developing a bespoke application to linking it to the client's website and synchronizing the data in real time on their online platforms. 

The BirdWatch software platform is compatible and easily integrated

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