SmartLPR® - LPR Camera

The best LPR ever created!

SmartLPR® has been developed entirely with in-house technology that covers everything from the electronics to its artificial intelligence algorithms. This comprehensive approach guarantees optimal reliability in vehicle license plate recognition, enabling fault-free ticketless and barrierless solutions. The camera features every component necessary for license plate recognition, with no need for additional hardware or external software

It’s also designed to recognize license plates from any country in the world, no matter their format.

It features a user-friendly interface, facilitating the entire configuration and start-up of the unit in a few quick and simple steps.


Key features

Artificial Intelligence developed by Quercus

Country, state, and license plate number recognition

Two LPR camera models: housing and cabinet

Worldwide Use: Recognized in more than 200 countries

Wide Angle Recognition: Optimal license plate recognition at difficult-to-read angles

Dual Lamp: Color and IR reading inside the unit

Motorized Lens: Provides unsurpassed agility and accuracy

Ticketless entry and exit thanks to the HRR system (High Reliability Recognition), +99% success rate in most countries

LPR camera with IP65/67 protection


Over the years, we have gained the trust of customers all over the world. The number of regions is increasing, also in response to demand from new customers. Check out the supported countries by Quercus Technologies' units.


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