The global parking solution by Quercus Technologies guarantees optimal parking management technology, security, maximum control, increased mobility and excellent user satisfaction. All this is due to the interrelationship of the company's own products.

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Never waiting is appealing

Increasing mobility is the main objective of every operator, the key to efficient management. Sensors and signs quickly and efficiently move customers to available or special spots, increasing rotation and occupancy. They also reduce queues and prevent congestion. License plate recognition cameras also speed up mobility thanks to automatic vehicle entry and exit. Studies have shown that people find a parking space up to 45% faster in a car park with a guidance system.

Vehicle in motion


Intelligent surveillance tailored for you

The video recording in each of the spots guarantees the highest security. In this way, fraud, false incidents, attempted robberies and muggings and damage to parked vehicles can be avoided. You can also monitor restricted time areas and detect prolonged stays in the car park. The car park operator has the greatest security and can also guarantee it to the users, who will enjoy a comfortable and smooth experience.

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May Big Data be with you

The global parking solution from Quercus Technologies provides a lot of valuable information in a clear, orderly and precise manner in real time, obtaining an overview of the parking lot. All this data can be compiled into reports for decision-making on parking management and business maximization. Planning for the future is optimized, since access to the patterns of use is available. Therefore, customers can find out the days and hours with more traffic, the places more or less sought and annual comparisons; and manage rates, schedules and parking spaces. Usage statistics can also be obtained to understand users' habits and propose campaigns to strengthen their loyalty.

Example of information in BirdWatch


Technology adapted to your needs

Quercus Technologies offers one of the most technologically advanced systems for controlling the flow of vehicles at the entries and exits of the parking facilities by recognizing license plates. This technology contributes to security by detecting fraudulent access attempts, ticket exchange or vehicle theft attempts. In addition, it is beneficial for users because they can have all the vehicle information even if the ticket has been lost or even book in advance with the registration only. Its high reliability rate in license plate recognition, thanks to state-of-the-art algorithms, guarantees a pleasant experience for the customer: automatic entry without congestion. It also reduces administrative expenses and the cost of maintenance, thus increasing operators' revenues.

SmartLPR Access camera reads license plates


Design your strategy

To maintain profitability, it is necessary to offer comfort and efficiency to the customers. A global parking solution such as that of Quercus Technologies adds value to a car park, making it more attractive to the potential user because of the overall experience it offers. It is difficult to establish its actual value in terms of income generation, but it is still real. Quercus Technologies provides the best tools to obtain that advantage and use it to the customer’s benefit, by optimizing resources, adapting prices, improving management, collecting data, reducing dependence on labor and increasing rotation. A new way to increase profits and minimize costs.

Parking economic growth


Join the Quercus Technologies' experience

It is necessary to always look for new ways to increase profits while minimizing costs, but not at the expense of the customer. Quercus Technologies' global parking solution allows you to take a systemic approach, always keeping in mind the end user's point of view and not just that of solving technical parking problems. With that in mind, we develop products that are designed to make the driver's experience efficient, enjoyable and accessible. This is achieved through good signposting which indicates where to go and which areas are restricted, well indicated special spots and free spots which are easy to find. In short, a well-designed application that allows both to book a spot in advance and to easily find the car when it is time to leave. The result is a better and simpler parking experience, customers who consider the use of the parking facility a good choice and who are willing to come back another time.

Parking customer experience is satisfactory


Flexible and scalable integration

It is possible to obtain a flexible and completely modular global parking solution, where you can choose to have access to the simplest services or extend the range of services and products. Quercus Technologies' global solution comprises everything from access control with number plate recognition to the installation of LED panels, including the guidance system with number plate recognition and video recording in each spot, the kiosk to find your vehicle at the exit and the BirdWatch software platform that interrelates all the products in our range. It is also compatible and easily integrated with other systems thanks to its API.

Integration with all types of systems possible

Sustainability ECO-FRIENDLY

Prove that you care

Recent technological developments have made the parking sector greener than ever. The global parking solution from Quercus Technologies helps to improve the environment and the health conditions of the users. With optimum car park management, license plate recognition at the entries and exits, and an intelligent guidance system, vehicles enter the car park quickly without generating queues and quickly find a space. In this way, it helps to reduce traffic congestion inside and outside the parking facility, and therefore CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

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