SC Outdoor Parking Guidance System

SC Outdoor is a camera-based outdoor parking guidance system that uses computer vision technology to control the availability of parking spaces in outdoor parking lots and rooftops. Real-time space occupancy information can be displayed on outdoor LED displays which help guide drivers to unoccupied parking bays.

SC Outdoor is powered by BirdWatch parking suite, our single and global software platform. It centralizes and interrelates the information obtained by all the products that make up Quercus Technologies' global parking solution.

BirdWatch collects all this useful data for Business Intelligence. Reports and statistics can easily be generated in order to identify current trends and predict future patterns. SC Outdoor added-value relies on the interrelation of the outdoor parking guidance results with additional information provided by the other capabilities included in BirdWatch.

Complete data that leads to efficient global parking control and improved security.

Key features

Smart parking analysis with user-friendly platform and easy access and integration

Very high accuracy - 99% results with parking lot cameras

Perfectly integrated with Matrix LED Displays that help users find available parking spaces

Up to 100 parking spaces per parking lot camera, available for every outdoor car park design and parking type

Outdoor panoramic camera with very low infrastructure cost - Installation & Maintenance

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