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The advantages gained with license plate recognition units and vehicle detection sensors with integrated LPR allow the parking facility to benefit from different applications.

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Parking guidance

Quercus Technologies combines vehicle detection and number plate recognition technologies to provide a highly reliable advanced parking guidance system with built-in LPR. The All-in-One SC Indoor sensors act as a parking guidance system, directing drivers straight to the available spaces and reporting the type of space. They provide accurate information on the location of the vehicle at all times thanks to the recognition of license plates in each space and act as a video surveillance camera, recording everything that happens in and around the parking space when movement is detected.

Vehicle driving through a Quercus Technologies facility

Find your vehicle

Quercus Technologies offers you the possibility to find your car or bike if you do not remember where you parked, as the number plate recognition camera in each parking space provides information about the exact location of the vehicle. Merely by making a simple search in the system with your license plate number, you will be able to find the vehicle inside the parking facility. The added value of being able to locate the vehicle increases mobility in the parking facilities, contributes to vehicle rotation and increases the number of available spaces in the facility. This is also possible by integrating kiosks in the facilities, from which the location of vehicles of interest can be consulted and which operate through the BirdWatch system.

Find your vehicle with an application

Dynamic fares

Quercus Technologies' products allow to establish a different and dynamic fare system according to the type of parking space, its location near the entrance or in a preferential space, customized according to the client and the operator's needs. Flexible fares that allow for increased revenue and return on investment. This functionality also contributes to mobility within the parking facility by allowing users to find an available space in less time.

Dynamic pricing


Quercus' products generate a lot of interesting information to have a global vision of the use of the facilities and to carry out an efficient management. BirdWatch collects all the information and can generate reports on rotation, occupancy and travel time. The results can be filtered by various parameters, such as time zone, date, area, type of space or access point, with the possibility of comparing the result by choosing other parameters. The reports promote customer loyalty, since special offers can be made based on usage and their actual incidence can be determined by using frequency statistics.

An example of reports

LPR at entries and exits

Quercus offers you one of the most technologically advanced systems for controlling the flow of vehicles at car park entries/exits through the recognition of license plates. The recognition of license plates contributes to security by detecting attempts at fraudulent access, ticket exchange or vehicle theft. Black and white lists can also be managed (automatic access). In addition, it is beneficial for users because they can have all the vehicle information even if the ticket has been lost or even book in advance with the registration only.

SmartLPR Access camera controlling the entry of a parking lot


Quercus' latest innovation is HRR - High Reliability Recognition. Two SmartLPR Access cameras in the same lane get a "double reading" of the license plate. One camera captures the front license plate while a second one recognizes the rear one. By combining both captures, the recognition rate increases. The front license plate is often more difficult to recognize due to dirt, weather, temperature changes, or the salt used to melt the snow that can damage it. Comparing both license plates makes it much easier to identify the vehicle. Its reliability exceeds 99% in most countries, offering a pleasant experience for the customer: automatic entry without ticket and without congestion. It also reduces administrative expenses and the cost of maintenance, thus increasing operators' revenues.

Ticketless payments

Global videosurveillance

With professional CCTV cameras and intelligent SC Indoor sensors with embedded video-recording you can ensure global videosurveillance of everything that happens inside the parking facilities. The car park attendant can use the camera browser and build video walls to control all vehicle movements. With this complete video surveillance system, you will have maximum control over every space, every aisle and every access lane. Global videosurveillance contributes to the prevention of vehicle damage and robberies and guarantees the highest level of security inside the facilities.

An example of global video surveillance

Smart Cities

Quercus Technologies' products are absolutely compatible with a Smart City project, in which the parking facility must be integrated. Smart Cities organize city life and energy use efficiently, based on the analysis of large amounts of data collected in an orderly fashion. The Internet of Things (IoT), also developed by Quercus Technologies, allows the collection of such information that will later be used to efficiently manage assets and resources.

Smart City image

Pollution abatement

Quercus Technologies provides its customers with tools that improve mobility inside and outside the car park. With good parking management and an optimal guidance system, it leads to fewer vehicles in cities looking for a parking space and efficient energy consumption by vehicles. Fewer queues and less traffic means reduced CO2 emissions and consequently less pollution and consumption lead to the need to increase ventilation.

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