We are able to work with various institutions which differ in size, priorities and needs.

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Drivers will be able to book their parking space through an online system by entering their license plate number. The license plate recognition parking solutions control entries/exits and recognize the license plate used in the booking process, while the camera based parking guidance system helps drivers to find their parking space. In addition, video surveillance units record everything that happens, helping to prevent vehicle theft, damage and fraud. Efficient parking management and maximum control are guaranteed, helping operators to boost their revenues while providing a pleasant experience for users.

Airport users use the parking garage

Shopping Malls

Parking is essential when choosing a shopping center, as it is the customer's first and last experience. In retail parking solutions it is convenient to have tools to locate the car and video surveillance cameras that control everything that happens, it will be easier to attract and retain customers. SC Indoor parking sensors guide drivers to an available space in a minimum of time. They also recognize the vehicle's license plates at each location so that data on the exact location of the vehicle is available at any time. Vehicle mobility and rotation is guaranteed, in addition to generating reports on car park use and user behavior to help make decisions, and to help operators increase their revenues and reduce costs.

Shopping mall picture


Hospitality and tourism are very important in the world economy. Many hotels decide to increase security and access control in their facilities through parking guidance systems or LPR cameras that register the entry and exit of vehicles. The car parks are the first meeting point with the facilities and it is important that their quality is optimal. More and more hotels are investing in their car parks, allowing greater mobility and ease of finding available spaces, thus completing the overall user experience.

Hotel picture


The university campuses are now bigger and bigger, as well as their parking lots. The use of intelligent license plate recognition cameras not only increases security by controlling vehicle entries and exits, but also makes parking management at access points much more efficient by being able to load white lists. Recognizing the license plates of students and teachers' vehicles makes it possible to establish a marketing policy to apply reduced prices, discounts and automatic access. In turn, information on entry and exit times can be provided to establish a specific price.

Photo of a university

Public institutions

Many public institutions have parking facilities for workers and users. When we talk about courts, town halls, county councils, there are several vital factors: efficiency, so as not to produce delays or traffic jams; and security, since they can be the target of threats. Public car park management bodies will be able to improve mobility and security in the parking facilities, helping public authorities to design specific policies for more efficient car park management.

Photo of a town hall


Parking lots are a particularly sensitive point in a hospital. It is the place where patients and their families, stressed and tired, cross paths in a hurry. It is very important to feature good hospital parking systems that can manage the facilities with a consistent hospital parking management software, reduce travel time for parkers and improve the parking experience. A parking guidance system that allows people to quickly find a parking space, especially if it makes it easier to find a spot for people with disabilities or near entrance doors or elevators, is a great help to patients. Since workers are numerous in hospitals, the use of white and black lists and video based parking guidance system informing about availability facilitates their access and mobility, minimizing possible conflicts.

Image of a hospital


Offices and other corporate buildings are increasingly seeking automation and easy parking on their premises, mainly for the sake of employee efficiency. White lists, for example, are a very practical tool that solves the increasingly pressing need to automate access to the car park. By registering the license plates of office workers, queues and delays in access to the premises are avoided. The parking sensors that inform about the availability of parking space increase the fluidity inside the parking facility, reducing the search time for parking spaces available and/or previously assigned to certain workers.

Image of an office


The construction of condominiums is growing more and more and residential complexes are becoming more and more attractive places to live. Efficient parking management system and guaranteed security in this type of residential complex is an important differential value: the recognition of license plates of vehicles entering and/or leaving the complex increases the level of security and avoids human error and helps prevent vehicle theft or damage. In addition, access can be automatically managed by whitelisting the co-owners of the condominiums in the system: easy, convenient, efficient and as safe as possible.

Photo of a condominium

Application developers

Quercus Technologies' parking solutions collect a huge amount of data that can be used by intelligent applications to improve mobility and security around the world. The BirdWatch parking management software, which can communicate with other intelligent systems, provides Big Data related to vehicle access, traffic statistics and access flow information that can be used to give real-time information to users and help them reduce the time spent in parking facilities.

Computer programming image

Public car parks

Many municipalities have car parks with public access, managed directly or indirectly by an entity of the municipality or by a private company. Quercus Technologies has a long experience in managing accesses in public car parks through its license plate recognition cameras and its global parking solution. All the information, centralized in the BirdWatch parking suite, allows for discounts for residents or automatic access for monthly subscribers.

Photo of a car park open to the public

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