Car Park Kiosk

Car park kiosk designed for indoor parking with the "Find your vehicle" application which allows you to search and find the vehicle as quickly as possible. It provides a better user experience, so you can forget about where you parked your vehicle.

To find the vehicle, just type in the license plate number on the screen or the date and time you parked. Once the information is entered, the application will show the image of the best recognition and the image of the vehicle occupying the spot. Below the image is the information about the occupied spot and the area to which it belongs. You can also see the location of the vehicle on the map of the parking facility.

How is that possible? The BirdWatch parking management software centralizes and interprets the information received by the SC Indoor car parking sensor, which send you all the information of all the vehicles parked in all the parking spaces.

Key features

Two models: 21.5" and 46" screen

Touch screen

White Color


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