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Children’s Health℠ Specialty Center Dallas Campus is located at 2350 North Stemmons Freeway (I-35E), across the street from Children’s Medical Center Dallas, the flagship hospital of Children’s Health℠. This 500 bed facility provides patients and their families with a wide array of specialty outpatient services in one convenient location. The onsite parking facilities include 3 separate garages, totaling 3,314 spaces which are located on 19 separate parking levels. 

The hospital needs

In addition to the redesign of the medical center, a renovation of the parking facilities was also necessary in order to make it easier for patients, visitors and employees to quickly find available parking. Prior to the redesign, the visitors of Children’s Health Specialty Center Dallas Campus who had arrived by car were required to park in the valet parking lot in front of the main entrance.

As part of the upgrades to the parking facilities it was determined that both the new and existing garages must have a parking guidance system that facilitated the work of the valet to improve mobility and reduce the time needed to find an available space. The garages would also need license plate recognition cameras that could identify vehicles at the entries and exits of the facilities in order to help speed up the payment process.

Why did they choose Quercus?

Quercus Technologies’ camera based parking guidance system is a comprehensive solution that meets every operational requirement for parking operators and garage owners. In addition to guiding vehicles to free spaces, it offers control and surveillance of every parking space, thanks to the use of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and detailed event recording.

The SC Indoor parking sensor captures the license plate of every car, in every space, with 1 unit controlling up to 4 total parking spaces. Video recording is triggered by movement which allows the camera to record every meaningful event that takes place in and around the parking space guarding against robberies, assaults and false claims for damages.


SC Indoor: Camera based parking guidance system with license plate recognition and video surveillance in every space.

Car detection accuracy rates were verified upon the completion of the installation of the SC Indoor camera based solution. Quercus Technologies, in collaboration with NextGen Parking, performed a test on the 990 SC Indoor parking sensors which were installed to monitor the 3,314 total parking spaces. The results obtained from the performance test confirmed that the SC Indoor sensors were detecting cars at an exceptionally high rate of 99.7%.

The SC Indoor camera based parking guidance sensors are used to designate and reserve spaces for various user groups such as, handicapped, employee, visitor, pregnant, etc. They link every event to a license plate, returning all related information associated with the plate number to parking operators through a powerful parking management software which provides tools to analyze and take action on the data in real-time. The parking management software allows parking operators to streamline operations, realize greater operational control, create and improve revenue streams and expand on surveillance capabilities.

LPR Cameras, Dynamic LED Signage & Rooftops

SmartLPR Access cameras were installed at the entries and exits of the garages to improve the management of the arrival and departure process. These all-in-one License Plate Recognition devices are easy to install and can be configured online. Two SmartLPR Access cameras were also installed at the entrances to the garage rooftops to capture and record the vehicles parking in these áreas.

Children’s Health Specialty Center Dallas Campus also elected to install dynamic LED displays as a way to further improve parking mobility on campus. LED signage was placed on the parking ramps to inform customers of space availability for each level of the garage using the real-time occupancy information generated by the SC Indoor parking sensors. Additional displays were installed at other decisión points inside of the garage to direct customers to area’s in the garage with more space availability in real-time.

In conclusion, Quercus Technologies’ camera based solution has improved the parking experience at Children’s Health Specialty Center Dallas Campus by improving mobility and security for patients, visitors and employees alike. In addition, parking operators now have access to the tools necessary to streamline operations for all parking assets across the entire medical campus.



BirdWatch® parking system software

BirdWatch® parking system software

SC Indoor - Parking Guidance System

SC Indoor - Parking Guidance System

SmartLPR Access - LPR Camera

SmartLPR Access - LPR Camera

LED Displays

LED Displays



Picture of Childen's Hospital Dallas' parking guidance system
Image of Children's Hospital parking facilities
Photo of Children's Hospital parking guidance system



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