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An LPR success story in Budapest

The Liget Budapest, located in Hungary’s capital city, is an ambitious urban development project. This project is based on the complete renovation of one of the city's most iconic public parks – the Városliget. The renovation follows 21st century standards, while respecting the park's more than 200 years of tradition. 

The underground garage has a parking capacity for 800 vehicles in three different floors and it also includes an enclosed bicycle storage area. This Liget parking lot is decorated with Hungarian artists’ contemporary paintings that not only improve the looks of the facility, but also help remember where you parked. This innovative parking project was made possible by CREATIV Bartex.

The Liget car park needs 

One of the main goals of the implementation was to reduce traffic in the park and eliminate surface parking by building an underground parking facility. A reinvention of the parking experience with an “underground museum” that could only count on Quercus Technologies' cutting-edge technology in the camera-based parking guidance system that perfectly complements the aesthetics of the parking garage with its design.

Camera-based parking guidance system by Quercus Technologies

SC Indoor parking sensors with cameras: parking guidance with LPR technology in every parking space

The SC Indoor camera-based parking sensors are installed in the ceiling of the parking facility. They integrate perfectly with the design and artwork on display in the parking premises. The guidance sensors help drivers park in available spaces through the parking sensor colors. 

They also provide useful info for users with reduced mobility, families and electric vehicles through other specific colors. In turn, the user parking experience is boosted by signage that guides them at decision making points in the parking lot such as corners, level changes, etc. 

Digital parking signs were also installed to guide drivers into the premises and display real-time information about available parking on each aisle. This information is generated by means of the BirdWatch parking system, which then provides detail of the parking situation at any given time.

All the data is collected by the different devices and it is managed and made available in an orderly and accessible way by BirdWatch parking platform, also in the form of reports. The software suite facilitates real-time decision making, and an extremely high level of security and control over everything happening in the parking.

Global Parking Solution that synchronizes all the parking data

Public car parks in city centers can be places where users may be anxious, tired or stressed. This new parking system provided by Quercus Technologies can help to alleviate parking related stresses by allowing parkers to quickly find a place to park. It facilitates easy identification of disabled spaces as well as those close to doors and elevators.

In conclusion, Quercus Technologies’ customers get every functionality without sacrificing efficiency. A camera-based parking system implies numerous benefits that are compatible with an extremely high detection rate and accuracy.



BirdWatch® parking system software

BirdWatch® parking system software

SC Indoor - Parking Guidance System

SC Indoor - Parking Guidance System

LED Displays

LED Displays



Parking Guidance System in Budapest
Parking Guidance System in Hungary
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