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A success story in Antibes

The shopping center Olympie is a modern building that houses a charming, spacious, functional shopping area. The Olympie offers everything in order to guarantee the most relaxing experience for family shopping or meeting with friends and colleagues for a drink or meal. Even the lighting, the music and the scents are designed to boost the clients’ well-being.

The parking has three underground levels, where clients can easily find parking spaces for people with reduced mobility, families, spaces with recharge terminals for electric cars and even a shared car meeting point. The alleys are specially large and accesses are clearly identified so clients can drive around easily. 

Why they purchased

The Olympie has a strong commitment to offering the best service and no stress. The parking guidance system had to be in line with that premise: guaranteeing instant information on availability, swift accesses and exits, efficient guidance. In few words, enabling frictionless rotation and satisfaction. On the other hand, this could not be done at the expenses of the highest security. Finally the client found it would be of great help to have the most accurate reports of the day-to-day activity of the parking available in order to guarantee perfect management and results.

Camera-based Parking guidance System

Quercus’ parking guidance system solution was designed specially for Olympie Shopping Center focusing on convenience for customers, enhancing security and facilitating the management of the facility. Efficiency with a modern, elegant design.

SC Indoor camera-based parking sensors

As the core of the proposed parking guidance solution, 91 SC Indoor ID for 4 places and 102 SC Indoor ID for 2 places were installed in order to facilitate the parking management. Its customized LED lights in different colors identify free from occupied spaces, as well as special spaces. The LED guidance lights add a professional touch to the presentation of the car park and assist our customers in easily finding free bays

The device is the best for top camera-based parking guidance systems. They are All-in-One units with built-in LPR that perform vehicle detection and license plate recognition inside the unit, thus guaranteeing the robustness of the solution. SC Indoor ID parking sensor is the most advanced version of the product. It records video when triggered by movement, registering any event happening in or near the bay, ensuring that everyone and all property are perfectly safe. 

SmartLPR Access parking cameras

4 ANPR cameras were installed at the entry and exit of the parking to facilitate access. Thanks to its LPR-Technology developed by Quercus, SmartLPR Access is a powerful All-in-One license plate recognition unit. It is designed to contribute to smart mobility and security in parking facilities and access control areas. The device integrates everything needed to provide the highest reliability rates worldwide. Thanks to its highly developed algorithms, it can recognize country and state, color and infrared. The integrated OCR engine and Plug&play connectors, the web-based configuration and the remote control zoom lens make the unit setup easy and automatic: configuration can be replicated from one unit to the next. 

Digital Parking Signs

In order to make sure that rotation is swiftly, 9 parking Displays were used. Combining SC Indoor and Displays helps clients find a free space, of the kind they need, saving clients time and stress. This way, clients know at any time where they will find the space they are needing. The system knows at all times where every vehicle is parked, and the driver can obtain this information whenever they have to leave the building. Avoiding queues, losses of time and all the stress and anger associated with parking in bad conditions.

BirdWatch parking control platform

Quercus’ BirdWatch parking management software suite provides Big Data in a clear, orderly and accurate way in order to make informed decisions. The system identifies quickly if a vehicle arrives, how long each vehicle has been parked and any event happening in or around the bay. The parking management system provides the client with full access to the information collected by the parking sensors, allowing the operator to view real-time site activity and build their own reports. Information can then be filtered using different parameters (time, access, parking…). Reports can be presented in various formats: heat-maps, bar charts, frequency statistics, etc that facilitate an efficient management of the parking, offering a global vision of patterns of use for design marketing campaigns.

The secret of our success: efficiency and no nonsense.



BirdWatch® parking system software

BirdWatch® parking system software

SC Indoor - Parking Guidance System

SC Indoor - Parking Guidance System

SmartLPR® - LPR Camera

SmartLPR® - LPR Camera

LED Displays

LED Displays



Photo of the parking guidance system in the Shopping Mall Olympie
Image of the parking guidance system in the Shopping Mall Olympie in France
Picture of the parking guidance system at Shopping Mall Olympie



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