4 Nov 2019

Darling Square renews the guidance system in its parking lot

Darling Square is the Australian neighborhood of reference, where you can find restaurants, bars, craft breweries, gin distilleries and traditional bakeries. Since 2017, this neighborhood community of Sydney used the leading product of Quercus Technologies in the field of guidance: SC Indoor car parking sensor. This year they decided to improve and modernize the system installing new versions of the 60 Spot Control ID2 sensors, which survey and record two parking bays at a time, and the 91 Spot Control ID 4 sensors that supervises 4 bays at the same time.

The guidance system includes 151 sensors which help survey around 450 parking spaces and CCTV cameras that record video 24/7, increasing security and vandalism control in the parking facilities. SmartLPR Access cameras were also installed. This device, developed by Quercus Technologies, capture and recognize license plates of the vehicles that enter and exit the parking lot, compiling data of interest for the parking owner and being able to issue white lists to allow automatic access to the parking using plate recognition technology.


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