7 Oct 2016

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Now, at the beginning of the last quarter of this year, we would like to thank you for your confidence in Quercus, a confidence demonstrated by the many parking projects around the world that include our All-in-One automatic number plate recognition technology.  As we are now planning the projects for the rest of the year, we would like to remind you of some of the outstanding features of our motorised lens LPR units that will ensure the success of your projects.

Our team is continuously working to improve every detail in license plate recognition. Our units now include improvements in the configuration of regions and calligraphy for countries such as Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Dubai and Venezuela. New regions have been incorporated to improve the recognition of the wide variety of diplomatic plates and for number plates in Tunisia, Zanzibar, Philippines, Poland and Chile, and new algorithms for optimal automatic number plate recognition technology have been developed in El Salvador, Hong Kong and Oman.

SmartLPR Access cameras are ready for installation worldwide. With different models, in stainless steel for operating in difficult climatic conditions, temperature control options and multiple working modes, our LPR units can be integrated into any type of installation and obtain the best results. They provide great ease of use through their user interface: intuitive and interactive, allowing quick start-up and configuration of multiple units at the same time, and easy integration into different parking systems.

LPR-based parking applications have increased by 15%. Don't hesitate to join the global parking solution offered by Quercus Technologies and start enjoying all the benefits of reliable technology. 


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