8 Feb 2019

New reference in Plaza de Castilla Court

The car park access of Plaza de Castilla Court (Madrid) is now optimized by SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras at the entry and exit of the parking. The installation of these Quercus Technologies LPR cameras eases the automatic access to the employees of the entity; furthermore, it increases the security and control of the premises by using the license plate recognition.

Parking solutions featuring LPR cameras at exit and entry lanes monitor and automate those entries and exits. This way, drivers can make reservations via website before leaving for the airport. Once their license number is recognized, their access will be automatic and frictionless. Users can also reserve parking spaces by entering their license number into an on-line system. 

License plate recognition is a key part of parking systems designed for comprehensive control of the vehicles inside private parking facilities. Identifying the digits and letters that link a vehicle with a stay, a price or special availability is essential for smart parking, and for an optimal parking facility user experience. 


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