27 Feb 2020

Quercus Technologies inaugurates a new office in Barcelona

Quercus Technologies has opened a new office in the city of Barcelona, in the legendary Tarragona building. In line with a solid growth trend, the company has decided to take a necessary step for a business of its size and scope: establishing a foothold in one of the most vital and dynamic cities in Europe. A place to find talent, receive customers, reach potential markets, and promote their quality products and services.

Quercus Technologies’ office in Barcelona are charming yet functional. A bright workplace, with large windows and open spaces, inviting to a personalized but professional service. The offices are structured around a great open space, created with the objective of facilitating knowledge exchange, cooperation and creativity. A meeting room and a showroom are also available for clients to get to see the installed products.

A space with a predominance of white that reminds of the headquarters of Quercus in Reus, since, as they underline in the last campaign of the company, Quercus has managed to grow and succeed because it has evolved without ever forgetting its roots. This is but one more step in that trajectory of success.


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