10 Jun 2016

Quercus Technologies makes another step on the Greek market with new installations

Quercus Technologies continues to expand its intelligent parking systems and is proud to launch some of its products in different facilities in Greece. At the present time, many of its car parks are already equipped with the parking system guidance technology offered by the brand. 

The SmartLPR Access vehicle plate recognition units have been the key piece to contribute to the optimal control of the different car parks.  The number plate recognition cameras provided by Quercus Technologies guarantee convenient and secure access for vehicles to the car park and increase security on the premises. The recognition of each number plate of the vehicles entering the car park contributes to intelligent mobility and enables the automation of vehicle access to the car park, avoiding crowding at entrances and exits.

Quercus Technologies' parking global solution and products have helped companies around the world to increase their productivity and open up to expansion opportunities. Nowadays, providing car park users with more security and control of their vehicles is a major consideration, as this enhances the user experience and ensures that they will use their services again in the near future.


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