27 Jan 2017

SmartLPR Access now at Providence Place, Rhode Island

SmartLPR Access is once again in the news, now that our cameras are fully operational at Providence Place shopping mall. Keep on reading to find out more and check out the video to see our license plate recognition cameras at the entries and exits of the car park serving the shopping center.  

Providence Place is the largest shopping mall in Rhode Island with parking facilities of 4000 parking spots, for this reason they needed a reliable system that would ensure smooth traffic flow and automate vehicles at the centre's entrances and exits.

Around 20 SmartLPR Access cameras are in operation to ensure maximum security and control in the car park, preventing ticket exchanges and vehicle damage and theft. These cameras allow the number plates of vehicles entering the shopping centre to be recognised and record all their movements. 

Thanks to the high reliability of the number plate recognition cameras and automatic accesses, Quercus Technologies equipment helps to avoid queues and make the shopping centre's traffic much more fluid. A plus for the complete satisfaction of the car park users.


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