1 May 2020

The São Camilo Hospital installs 12 SmartLPR Access cameras at the parking facilities

The Hospital São Camilo was founded in the 60s, with the objective of reconciling the humanist values of its original charitable function with the continued integration of scientific and technological advances. In that axis of technology and human quality, they sided with Quercus Technologies choosing the company’s management system for their parking.

12 SmartLPR Access cameras were installed in the parking lot of the Hospital, set to two different operating modes. The cameras installed in free-flow mode recognize the vehicle’s plate number and control the vehicle entries and exits, avoiding fraud. On the other hand, cameras in software mode, which are installed on rails with barriers, allow vehicles accessing the internal part of the parking. SmartLPR Access cameras offer a series of features of great practicality in large car parks like this, where urgency is the rule: whitelist management, automatic openings to subscribers, booking of bays using the customer app, etc.


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