22 Apr 2020

Two medical clinics in Chile install 13 SmartLPR Access in their parking garages

Apart from bringing increased security to both operators and users by gaining comprehensive data about vehicles going in and out of the facilities, LPR technology leads to smart and automatized mobility in parking facilities.The powerful All-in-One SmartLPR Access by Quercus Technologies ensures the optimal management in their clients’ car parks; this is the case of Dávila Medical Facility in Santiago de Chile which has all its access lanes equipped with 11 SmartLPR units.

Dávila Medical Facilities completed in 2017 their expansion master plan by including new buildings to the complex in Chile (modules H and I); this expansion entails the need of controlling the parking facilities in these garages with the most innovative LPR detection technology on the market. 

FALP Medical Clinic (abbreviation standing for Arturo López Pérez Foundation), a world reference in the research related to cancer treatment, and also located in the capital city in Chile, has also installed Quercus Technologies LPR units on the access lanes to the premises. More control over all the movements in the car park thanks to the accurate reading of license plates that our SmartLPR Access provides.


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