SmartLPR Access - LPR Camera

SmartLPR Access is a powerful All-in-One LPR camera based on Quercus Technologies' proprietary number plate recognition technology. Our License Plate Recognition Camera is designed to contribute to smart mobility and security in parking facilities and car access control systems.

This license plate reader with motorized lens includes all the equipment necessary for the acquisition and processing of the license plate in an All-in-One solution. The digital camera incorporates OCR processor, lighting, Wiegand output interface, inputs/outputs and Ethernet. 

Our ANPR cameras guarantee efficient parking management and maximum control over the accesses to these facilities. This helps ANPR projects’ operators increase revenue while providing users with a pleasant parking experience.


  • Dual Lamp - Color and IR reading inside the unit
  • New secure web configuration interface
  • Identification of license plates up to four times faster
  • Optimized color and IR freeflow
  • Integration through API Rest
  • PoE+ Connection and efficient energy draw
  • Improved performance in unfavorable conditions


LPR cameras & UX friendliness

How does LPR cameras integrate with different parking systems?

The license plate reader camera is designed for easy integration into third-party systems, like those of parking operators or parking management systems. The vehicle plate recognition software in the LPR camera enables the customer to analyze the data gathered, and make strategic decisions that will help them to continue improving and optimizing their parking system.

Why is license plate recognition so important in parking?

License plate recognition is a key part of parking systems designed for comprehensive control of the vehicles inside private parking facilities. Identifying the digits and letters that link a vehicle with a stay, a price or special availability is essential for smart parking, and for an optimal parking facility user experience. 

How do we define UX, or user experience?

Parking solutions featuring LPR systems at access points monitor and automate entries and exits. This way, drivers can make reservations on-line before leaving for the airport. Once their license number is recognized, their access will be automatic and frictionless. Users can also reserve parking spaces by entering their license number into an on-line system. 

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Key features

Country, state and license plate number recognition

LPR camera in more than 150 countries

Ticketless entry and exit thanks to the HRR system (High Reliability Recognition), +99% success rate in most countries

Two LPR camera models: housing and cabinet

LPR camera with IP65/67 protection

All-in-One license plate recognition unit: everything is included within the same unit

Integrated Wiegand interface and internal white list

Vehicle plate recognition cameras with accessible web configuration

Automatic replication of one LPR camera's settings for all others


Discover the new version of Quercus Technologies' LPR camera.


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