Outdoor digital information Totem

To make its offering in guidance solutions even more comprehensive, Quercus Technologies is launching its outdoor digital information Totem. The Totem informs users entering and driving through an outdoor parking lot on the availability of parking spaces on the main and secondary aisleways, and restricted areas, and the direction to take to reach them, in real time. This is a major step forward to streamline mobility and automate the parking facility.

The information signage that can be achieved with the Totem is especially designed for outdoor or rooftop parking facilities, where parking guidance systems are needed that help improve the parking process and maximize occupation of the available space. 

A Totem’s added value lies in its interoperability with the rest of the products that make up the outdoor parking solution through the BirdWatch software platform. The perfect combination of SC Outdoor cameras, matrix LED panels and now, the Totem, all adds up to increased satisfaction of parking facility users, by cutting down on congestion and raising vehicle rotation rates inside the parking facility. It should also be noted that the outdoor guidance system dovetails with the equivalent indoor system in the case of mixed parking garages.

How does the outdoor guidance system improve with a Totem?

  • Space occupation notification for parking lot operators and users.
  • Display of data in real time.
  • It can be combined with other types of signage already being used in the parking facility.
  • Promotes dynamic parking space searches.
  • Designed to be high performance, and high-visibility, in outdoor use scenarios.
  • Indication of available spaces with numbers and colors (green, orange or red).
  • Designed specifically for outdoor and rooftop parking facilities.
  • Compatibility around the world.



  • Totem with 1 or 2 displays. The two-display model has been designed to show the occupancy of two-way lanes. 
  • 4 versions of the Totem: With arrow to the left, to the right, in both directions or without arrows.

Key features

Protection Level: IP65 (water, dust and contact-resistant)

Signaling arrow: Reflective paint (UV protection) on the front frame

Communication: LoRa (wireless communication system)

2 Digits (117 mm / 4.6 in) in 3 colors (green, orange or red)

Size: 35 x 35 x 195 cm / 13.77 x 13.77 x 76.77 in

Color: white and anthracite


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