12 Mar 2019

124 SmartLPR Access at Ben Gurion airport

The busiest international airport in Israel has been equipped with more than a hundred SmartLPR Access LPR cameras. The Ben Gurion airport has now optimized access to the premises, increasing security and car control in the car park. Thanks to our technology, our clients can upgrade the parking experience to a whole different level while improving mobility inside the premises. This way, parking owners can offer new and better services to their customers.

All parking lanes at the Israeli airport are equipped with license plate reading cameras from Quercus Technologies. These highly reliable and accurate license plate readers are capable of interpreting license plates from vehicles around the world. The LPR cameras enhance the user experience with no friction and no hassle when accessing and leaving the facility. By reading license plates in the more than 100 lanes of the parking lot, they allow total and absolute control of vehicle entries and exits throughout the airport, increasing security and profit for the parking lot owner and its operators.

The license plate reading camera includes all the necessary equipment for license plate acquisition and processing in an All-in-One solution: motorized lens, OCR processor, lighting, Wiegand output interface, inputs/outputs and Ethernet. Our ANPR camera ensures efficient management and maximum control of parking facilities at parking facility entrances, helping operators to increase revenues while providing a pleasant experience for users.



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