30 Nov 2023


Once again, Quercus Technologies takes the parking experience to the next level, launching the new version of SC Indoor guidance sensors.

Quercus Technologies, leader in smart parking solutions, announces the launch of the latest version of its renewed SC Indoor parking guidance sensors. These state-of-the-art sensors are designed to transform the parking experience, providing drivers and parking facility owners with a much more advanced and efficient solution. 

The new SC Indoor sensor, able to detect and recognize license plates of up to six vehicles no matter what country they are from, now offers a suite of technology upgrades and new features that will raise the bar in the parking technology world. In a show of ground-breaking leadership, Quercus takes its position, confirming its forerunner status by being the first-to-market in numerous product innovations, and for implementing its internally-developed Artificial Intelligence inside its products.

SC Indoor is the sensor that can truly recognize license plates and detect occupation of six parking spaces, for any country in the world.

■      Quercus has taken a step forward in innovation, by integrating Artificial Intelligence into its sensor, enabling two key functions:

  • Detection of an occupied parking space (QAI). Our AI-driven parking detection technology enables sensors to accurately identify whether a parking space is occupied or free. This not only makes the parking experience easier for users, it is a great facilitator for efficient parking space management.
  • License plate recognition in every parking space (QAI). Our artificial intelligence system uses advanced license plate recognition technology to perform detailed monitoring of every parking space. This not only optimizes parking space management, it also boosts security by accurately tracking the vehicles that enter and leave the facilities.

■      High-definition image:

  • 8 megapixel camera: The sensor offers high-definition image quality, guaranteeing accurate, reliable recognition of vehicles and their license plates, cutting the risk of error and improving parking facility efficiency.
  • High sensitivity in dim light: This sensor can effectively operate in parking facilities where lighting is low, Furthermore, the light-adaptation technology enables accurate recognition in a broad range of lighting conditions.
  • The sensor can capture more light because it has bigger pixels (2.1μm), and the noise level of the images is reduced, contributing to greater clarity and accuracy in vehicle detection and license plate recognition.
  • Enhanced dynamic range: This sensor captures a broader range of image tones and contrasts.
  • Image Signal Processor (ISP): The sensor is equipped with an ISP; which can process the image output to improve aspects such as color and contrast.

■      IP67 Protection: IP67 certification means the sensors are completely dust and water-proof. This feature ensures optimal operation even in challenging environments, such as semi-covered parking facilities, where they may be exposed to adverse weather conditions, or simply the dust generated by vehicles. This also preserves proper operation of the optical equipment, extending its service life.

■      Daisy Chain Connection: The SC Indoor sensor can be connected in daisy chain, which facilitates installation and expansion of the parking infrastructure. It also makes for lower material and installation costs, as it eliminates the need to install secondary cabinets.

■      Continuous video feed: This new technology enables a continuous video feed, which expedites parking facility monitoring and management.

With the new version of the SC Indoor sensor, we are committed to keep providing smart, more advanced solutions that meet the highest standards of efficiency and security, to continue as the leaders in innovative technology. With these technological innovations and a constant commitment to excellence, Quercus continues to revolutionize the parking world. Quercus is eager to bring these upgrades to global markets and boost the management potential for all users of their products and solutions.
















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