23 Aug 2021

License plate readers in Wyoming

Quercus Technologies' license plate recognition software is adding the U.S. states of Wyoming and Nebraska to the extensive list of license plates it recognizes worldwide.

22 Jun 2021

Double license plate recognition can achieve 100% reliability

Regarding the reliability of license plate recognition results, it is common to give no data at all or to make claims ranging from 92 to 98% success rate. Although these are usually good results.

18 Feb 2021

Quercus Technologies license plate recognition achieves 99.8% reliability with Dutch license plates

After analyzing a large sample of more than 1,000 original vehicle license plates from the Dutch region, the result was 99.8%. We obtain a full 100% reliability with single character errors (n-1) during license plate recognition.

18 Jan 2021

Quercus Technologies' license plate recognition technology reads the Arabic license plate

In order to achieve a correct access control for car parks and the automation of guidance systems, it is very important to use lpr systems to identify vehicles quickly, accurately and automatically.

15 Dec 2020

Once more, Quercus Technologies proves its high success rate in license plate recognition, achieving 99.7% reliability with UK license plates

Quercus Technologies is continuously improving the license plate recognition in the regions and countries where it recognizes plates and aims to increase the list further.

1 Dec 2020

Quercus Technologies presents the latest innovations in the global parking solution: light per space and new matrix displays

With the intention of improving mobility and guidance inside the parking facilities, and of doing so with the best quality possible, Quercus Technologies also makes available to its customers the most innovative matrix displays on the market.

17 Jul 2020

Quercus Technologies camera-based guiding system reaches a high accuracy in vehicle detection in the Brazilian Airport of Congonhas

An airport with such a high passenger traffic as the Congonhas Airport, the capital of Brazil, needs a guidance system that is fast and efficient, that locates and shows the available and occupied parking spaces with maximum reliability.

21 May 2020

What automatic access control systems can do for car parks in this new reality?

Interaction is natural and it is an inherent need of every human being. Nevertheless, latest technologies lead to avoiding human contact and simplifying lives thanks to automation.


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