17 Jul 2020

Quercus Technologies camera-based guiding system reaches a high accuracy in vehicle detection in the Brazilian Airport of Congonhas

An airport with such a high passenger traffic as the Congonhas Airport, the capital of Brazil, needs a guiding system that is fast and efficient, that locates and shows the available and occupied parking spaces with maximum reliability. A system that avoids all possible detection errors and insures vehicle’s traffic flow.

After the installation and startup of Quercus Technologies camera-based parking guidance system in the different levels of the airport (1233 parking spaces in total), a study has been conducted to assess the accuracy of the vehicle detection. The result has been an absolute success as it showed the high accuracy of the 270 SC Indoor parking sensors installed. The system has the same reliability as a common ultrasound or laser system available on the market, but with much more advantages.

It is worth mentioning that the sensors not only detect the vehicle presence and enable the availability and occupancy lights; they also recognize the license plate and record the motion in and around the parking space, bringing an extra value to the security and control of the premises and of the vehicles’ movements inside the parking garage. This is absolutely essential for such premises, with huge daily passenger traffic.

The airport was equipped, apart from the SC Indoor parking sensors, with LED displays, the smart lighting system for a faster guidance of the clients to the available spaces and with 8 SmartLPR Access on the entry and exit lanes to register the license plates of the vehicles going in/out. The parking management software used is BirdWatch, designed by Quercus Technologies, that extracts Big data from the parking sensors and lpr cameras in an orderly, precise and understandable way, thus helping the parking operator in the process of making decisions.


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