18 Feb 2021

Quercus Technologies license plate recognition achieves 99.8% reliability with Dutch license plates

After analyzing a large sample of more than 1,000 original vehicle license plates from the Dutch region, the result was 99.8%. We obtain a full 100% reliability with single character errors (n-1) during license plate recognition. Quercus Technologies' Customer Service department continuously performs reliability tests on license plate recognition, in order to obtain figures that allow us to value the successful results and work on those that require improvement.

This, in turn, makes it possible to detect which are the most notable handicaps in one region or another and to make every effort to solve them. This constant analysis makes the company a leader in license plate recognition and camera-based guidance systems in the smart parking market. Quercus Technologies is continually improving the license plate recognition rate of the 183 countries it currently supports and is adding new countries and regions every day. Each country has its own characteristics in terms of license plate grammar, color or size. Check out the LPR reliability articles.

ANPR technology, like any valuable technology, is constantly evolving. It is therefore essential that technology companies have a technical support team, focused on the customer, which provides the necessary information to improve the product and analyze their requirements to apply them in upgrades.


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