13 Feb 2020

Congonhas Airport is already enjoying Quercus Technologies’ global parking solution

Quercus Technologies integral solution allows them to manage the 1233 spots of the car park of the Brazilian airport, the second busiest of the South American country. The management of the facilities was recently outsourced and will be in charge of ESTAPAR Co for the next 20 years at least.

470 SC Indoor sensors were installed to increase security and control inside the car parks. These sensors detect the vehicle in each bay, recognize their plate number and record all detected movements in every one of them. In addition, each SC Indoor indicates the availability of up to four bays each. Thanks to this technology, finding a spot is much easier for customers, as well as returning to their vehicle, since the system controls at all times the spot where the vehicle is parked, thanks to license plate recognition.

8 units of the SmartLPR Access cameras were also installed at the entrances and exits of the parking lot. These cameras read and identify the license plates of all vehicles accessing or leaving the premises, recording the moment when these movements take place. The cameras’ high reliability in license plate recognition guarantees keeping track of movements, may make the entry and exit of some vehicles automatic or block their passage, increases traffic flow, reduces queues, allows you to book spots, ...

LED displays were installed in order to guide users in their search for a parking spot, since they inform in real time where the free bays are in each of the areas. They also inform about the type of spots (VIP, for people with disabilities, etc..). This way, the search time decreases and therefore ventilation of the facilities improves because CO2 emissions decrease. User experience also improves due to increased efficiency which avoids time losses and stress for clients.

All the products we offer in our global parking solution connect thanks to BirdWatch software platform, also developed by Quercus Technologies. BirdWatch obtains and coordinates all collected information (Big Data). It can write reports or create graphs of statistics using that information. With this resource, parking operators can take strategic decisions, for example adapting prices based on client use or designing marketing campaigns in order to build customer loyalty.

In conclusion, the global parking solution developed by Quercus Technologies provides everything necessary to increase operator benefits and maximize the return on investment while the end-user lives a relaxed, efficient and enjoyable experience. The best option to manage your parking comfortably and safely, guaranteeing a first class experience for the best customers.


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