29 Sep 2022

Guided parking system with camera-based sensors installed at the Zlaté Jablko Shopping Center

The Zlaté Jablko Shopping Center has implemented Quercus Technologies’ comprehensive parking solutions, featuring a guided parking system for its facilities, to monitor the 197 parking spaces of this mall, located in the Czech Republic.
A growing number of shopping malls are joining the parking revolution, acquiring parking management systems that improve the efficiency of their facilities, provide high performance in the long term and require only simple, low-cost maintenance.

The Zlaté Jablko Shopping and Entertainment Center is located in the heart of the capital city of Zlín. This establishment is the centerpiece of the city’s main square, and is the biggest visitor draw, along with its City Hall. As it has such heavy visitor traffic, there is high vehicle turnover in its parking garage. That’s why it was decided, in cooperation with our partner Cross Zlin, that a high-precision system such as Quercus’s was the key to optimizing parking operations, doing away with any false positives and improving mobility and automation in the area.

Smart systems optimize the parking garage

To properly deploy the advanced parking guidance system, a total of 71 SC Indoor ID parking sensors were installed, enabling license plate detection for vehicles, and constant video surveillance of each of the garage’s parking spots. These sensors help improve security for users and their vehicles, contributing to more thorough monitoring of all vehicles. The greatest advantage of Quercus’s detection sensors is that they recognize each vehicle’s license plate and show users the availability of parking spaces in the garage and their type, simply and instantly. This improves drivers’ experience and reduces the time spent searching for an open space. Camera-based solutions enhance the possibilities of a parking facility, and help owners make higher profits.

For the Zlaté Jablko parking garage to have everything necessary to work with an unmatched guidance system, informative LED panels were installed at various points around the premises. With them, when drivers access the parking garage, they know what floor they should access to park their vehicle. What’s more, the user traffic toward the different areas of the garage becomes much more fluid, as they are able to find spaces more quickly and conveniently. Our panels are equipped for various personalized combinations. That way, the parking facility operator has a broad range of possibilities to help drivers and automate their access. The software management platform has all of the data generated in the parking garage regarding the availability of spaces offered by the SC Indoor sensors. This is immediately shown on the panels for users to see where to park in real time.

There is an outdoor parking area on the fourth floor of the parking garage. Here it was decided to install an LPR Area outdoor guidance system. This feature locates all of the vehicles on the roof thanks to detection of their license plates as they enter and exit. That way, the number of vehicles parked in the area is counted, and users are given guidance toward free parking spaces.

BirdWatch, Quercus’s proprietary parking software, makes it possible to understand user behavior based on real-time reports with statistics offering the periods in which there is the highest visitor volume, and figures on each vehicle’s average usage of the facility. This information is vital for shopping malls, as it empowers them to maximize business opportunities and create permanent improvement strategies. With this tool, operators achieve maximum profitability and highly precise maintenance of their facilities.


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