15 Jun 2018

ISO Certification Renewal

Quercus Technologies keeps its ISO 9001:2015 certification as a proof of our care for the products and services we deliver. These international standards regulate the quality management systems implemented at Quercus Technologies and come as a confirmation of our hard work and of the emphasis we put on quality and good internal management.

Quercus Technologies is ISO 9001 certified. In addition, its Quality Policy reflects the commitment to always keep in mind the concept of quality in its activities. All Quercus Technologies products comply with the most demanding quality standards and controls (CE, FCC and UL), as well as with proprietary technologies developed by specialized engineers that form the company's Research and Development teams.

Continuing with the same quality in products and services is the main goal of Quercus Technologies and its team. The company invests great efforts and resources in Research and Development (R&D), Quality Control and continuous improvement of all procedures. 

In this line, any unit sold is easily traceable and traceable at all times and this allows us to identify each and every component that makes up each unit shipped and distributed. This is thanks to an exhaustive internal control of both the materials used in our production lines and all equipment sold. In turn, once manufactured, each and every unit sold and distributed is identified and tested, thus ensuring that they all work perfectly before being shipped to our customers. 

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