14 Mar 2023

Israeli company Amdocs installs a Quercus parking guidance system at their facility

The parking garage of the Amdocs corporate headquarters, in Israel, now has its own camera-based parking guidance system from Quercus Technologies. Amdocs is an Israeli company that provides software and other services to communication media businesses, financial services firms and digital companies, with support and development centers around the world. The role of communication companies like Amdocs has become more essential than ever, as they provide fundamental elements such as connectivity and information access. Their solutions and services help their customers have digital experiences that facilitate the overall progress of society.

As a company with high stakes in innovation, and that believes in the importance of automation and dynamism, Amdocs did not hesitate to install the Quercus system as a means to provide its facility with the latest in parking technology. The Amdocs parking garage is operated by our Israeli partner Afcon. They had the following installation needs for their facility: increase control and security in the parking facility, expedite access of vehicles at entrances and exits from the premises, and gain capacity for total control over the facility at all times.

For this project, a number of specific functionalities had to be developed in the parking platform with the aim of compiling specific system access data. Thanks to this process, we can now say that it meets the highest standards for data security.

A complete and effective parking guidance system

The parking garage has 2,500 spaces divided over different levels. In a garage with so much capacity, a system was needed that could facilitate vehicle entrance and exit traffic, identify their exact location by license plate recognition, and implement sensor-activated video surveillance. That way, in case of incident inside the parking facility, a video record would be stored in the parking software system.

In order for the system to correctly monitor all of the parking spaces, a total of 758 SC Indoor parking sensors were installed in ID mode. They have capacity to identify the license plate of each vehicle, enable video recording each parking place, and show drivers where to find available spaces, and their type (e.g. for individuals with reduced mobility, electric vehicles or VIP spaces).

Sensors send information on the availability of parking spaces to the BirdWatch parking management platform. The parking operator is permanently aware of the parking facility status in real time, because the data gathered is easily transmitted among the different components that comprise the comprehensive parking solution.

This project also featured the installation of 79 LED matrix information panels. These LED panels are very convenient resources that expedite parking guidance even further by showing users where to go to find an open space in the shortest possible time. The optimal interconnection among all of these components enables the user to receive accurate, timely information in the simplest possible way, enhancing their overall parking experience.

In short, to make the most relevant decisions for the best possible operation of the parking garage, BirdWatch and the Quercus parking guidance system made up the perfect solution for this case. Beyond compiling data, the platform gives operators the opportunity to generate reports on average occupancy, rotation maps, travel times, etc. With this information in hand, they can take their parking management to the next level, and maximize revenue.


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