5 Aug 2016

Key airports worldwide enjoy the benefits of Quercus high-tech products

If you are lucky enough to fly to major airports in major cities such as London, Frankfurt, Dublin, Lisbon, Athens, Geneva, Larnaca, Moscow, Doha, Santiago de Chile, San Salvador, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Christchurch, you will find Quercus Technologies SmartLPR Access number plate recognition units at the entrances and exits of your car parks. 

These cameras enable better control of vehicles and increased security in the car park. In addition, our number plate recognition provides options for online reservation of your parking space using only your vehicle's number plate.

As is well known, airports are the most transient places that exist, and more so in the summer months. That's why many join the innovation by incorporating the number plate recognition technology offered by Quercus Technologies to ensure maximum security in their parking spaces and therefore maximum customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, with SC Indoor sensors for optimum parking guidance with LPR and video recording, they increase the functionalities of their car parks. Users will not waste their time finding a free space, as the sensors will indicate what type of space is available at all times. In addition, you can help them find their cars if they forget where they parked. The added value of video recording will make them feel safe in the airport facilities, thus improving the user experience.  


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