8 Apr 2021

Kö-Bogen KII parking uses LPR cameras

The Königsallee, also known as Kö for short, is one of the most exclusive shopping areas in Düsseldorf, Germany. Located in the city center, this area offers a wide variety of shops and outdoor areas where you can enjoy a great atmosphere. It also has the KII/Schauspielhaus (formerly Kö-Bogen), a multi-storey parking facility - operated by Scheidt & Bachmann - which is ideal for easy access on foot to all the shops and restaurants in the area, making parking a key element for this shopping area. 

The facilities have 660 parking spaces distributed among its five floors, and 24 charging stations for electric cars. The parking facility is so well communicated with the commercial areas of the city. It was decided to use Quercus Technologies' license plate recognition system, installing a total of 6 LPR cameras at the different parking control accesses.

Access control system with Quercus LPR cameras

These license plate recognition cameras offer more efficient traffic management by reading the number plates of cars entering and leaving the premises, so the system recognizes exactly which vehicles are in which zone and whether there is availability for parking, thereby making traffic flow much smoother. Betting on intelligent parking systems allows the customer to improve mobility and security in the parking facilities and to offer users the peace of mind of leaving their vehicle in the best hands.

In addition, the option of dynamizing prices according to parking availability is an added value that is increasingly needed. It is also useful for price variation for subscribers and reduced rates for vehicles with license plates related to a specific list. The latest technology allows such communication to be automatic and, therefore, so is access to the facilities. Finally, license plate recognition can also be integrated with contactless payment systems, thus avoiding the need for the end user to take a ticket at the entrance and go to the pay stations when leaving the facilities.


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