20 May 2021

LATAM airports pick our license plate detector

License plate reader is a key part of parking system designed for comprehensive control of the vehicles inside private parking facilities, like those of airports. Identifying the digits and letters that link a vehicle with a stay, a price or special availability is essential for smart parking, and for an optimal parking facility user experience. 

Santiago de Chile Airport, Guarulhos International Airport and Galeão (Rio de Janeiro) International Airport have installed some 80 new license plate reader (LPR) cameras developed by Quercus Technologies around the entry and exit lanes of their parking facilities. Our vehicle license plate recognition cameras are installed in countless airports around the world, and especially in South America. Some of the most significant on the South American continent are:

  • Congonhas Airport, São Paulo, Brazil
  • San José International Airport, Costa Rica
  • Quito International Airport, Ecuador
  • El Salvador Airport
  • Guarulhos Airport, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Montevideo Airport, Uruguay
  • Tijuana Airport, Mexico
  • Alfonso Pena Airport, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Carrasco Airport, Uruguay
  • Campinas International Airport, Brazil
  • Maringá Airport, Paraná, Brazil
  • Guadalajara Airport, Mexico

Parking facility user experience and the easy integration of devices, at the core of parking facility projects and the company's main goal

With the aim of contributing to the improvement of the car park end-user experience, our number plate reader efficiently manages car park facilities at their entrances. The automatic access control system guarantees operators efficient parking management and increased profits, while providing an enjoyable user experience. 

What is user experience? We understand it as the parking process of the driver who decides to use the facility's car park. The ANPR camera automates and controls the entrances and exits of the car park. Drivers can reserve their parking space before going to the facility and the number plate reading will allow them to access the barrier automatically.

In addition, Quercus Technologies has a parking management software platform, BirdWatch, which is an efficient tool that centralises all the information obtained by the number plate reading cameras. Our number plate reader is designed to easily integrate with third party systems and access control system integrators. The number plate recognition system allows the operator to generate statistics and reports, which can be used to further optimise your parking facilities.

Advantages for the operator, dynamic security for drivers

As already discussed, license plate reader units give you greater control and security at parking facility entrances and exits. But what about the advantages these solutions bring to parking facility operators? License plate recognition enables operators to prevent ticket fraud and swapping among different users, and even ticket theft or loss. 

Additionally, the lpr cameras show the condition of vehicles when they enter and leave the facility, which will help prevent fraudulent accident claims. Managers will be able to monitor all access and exit points, getting relevant data and raising security for the entire facility. 

If the data on license plate numbers tells them the same vehicle frequently enters the parking facility within a specific time frame, operators can offer the owner of that vehicle a reduced rate, or a frequent-user discount. This is just one of many marketing strategies that parking owners can implement, making end users more loyal while also enhancing their parking experience.


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