12 Jul 2021

Main advantages of working with a unique parking platform

The best parking management systems are based on a global parking solution that controls all parking facilities. This solution is made up of different products that generate information that is centralized in a single parking software platform. An indoor parking guidance system, an outdoor parking guidance system, an access control system, and several separate elements is not enough. 

In a day and age marked by massive data generation, it is essential that the parking management technology unifies and processes all the information obtained during the use of the facilities in a cohesive, orderly and clear manner. 

Fully controlling a parking facility does not rely solely on ultrasound parking space sensors that indicate the availability of spaces inside, nor on control panels in the parking operator's booth or signage around the entire facility. Nor will CCTV cameras monitoring the parking aisles by video surveillance be sufficient for an overall observation of the parking facility. 

The power is clearly in the data, and a complete parking management software is only possible with parking guidance systems and parking management systems that achieve synchronization of the information and allow its interpretation. Generating data in an uncontrolled and massive way does not make sense: this data must be interpreted by people and used accordingly, for strategic and marketing decisions, with the ultimate goal of obtaining the greatest growth and profit for the business.


A parking management system for total and exhaustive control

With the analysis of all the data generated by the global parking solution, a set of strategies focused on the management and creation of business knowledge is achieved... This is Business Intelligence. Our parking software platform, BirdWatch, provides full control of all indoor and outdoor parking guidance products, centralizing information and generating key reports for the business.

Global vision and control is made possible by the full integration of the parking management software. This allows them to have control of all vehicle movements inside the parking facilities and to make decisive decisions according to business interests and opportunities. In addition, the platform has an API that makes it compatible and easily integrated with any other parking system.

Another of BirdWatch's special features is the detection of incidents that affect the normal operation of a parking lot and its regular use. These detected incidents provide the operator with all the necessary data to make a decision regarding the parking irregularity.

Quercus Technologies aims to expand integration options, facilitate compatibility and provide a friendly language for all its users. The customer is the core of the company and therefore the parking software platform includes recurring updates and constant software enhancements.

Birdwatch offers infinite possibilities as a smart parking management platform, like: 

  • A dashboard displaying the most relevant parking facility information - business targets on a single web page for agile and simple viewing.
  • Statistics on each parking space, access points, occupancy, rotation, stay times, space reservations and personalized marketing strategies.
  • Map of every parking facility floor, with capacity to select any of the SC Indoor park sensors and observe the status, space by space. 
  • Search capability through all footage, parking space movement and facility access point logs, video surveillance of parking spaces, based on vehicle license plates.
  • Automated reports, incident reporting via e-mail or on the platform itself - allows personalization and export of reports in any format required.
  • Find your car -  simply entering the license plate number into the parking management system. 
  • Video Wall and integration with CCTV - possibility to strategically monitor parking spaces and arrange them on a standard monitoring and surveillance "wall". 
  • Real-time notifications on the different events that occur in the facilities, preventing any complication.

Discover a few of the parking reports you can generate by integrating devices within the comprehensive parking solution on a single parking management system. The reports can be grouped by days of the week, and times, and compared to those of other periods of time. They can also be segmented and compared by parking areas.

  • Average occupancy: Shows the occupancy of a parking space, area or aisle over a given period of time.
  • Peak occupancy: indicates the maximum occupancy of a parking space, area or aisle over a given period of time.
  • Occupancy and rotation heat maps: these tell the time that the vehicles have been parked in a given space, over a certain time period, and how many rotations the space has had.
  • Occupancy time according to the time of entry / exit: this shows the average time that vehicles have been parked in a given parking space over a certain time, indexing the data by occupancy and exit time.
  • Travel time: this shows the average time a vehicle takes to travel from the parking facility entrance to the parking space, or from the space to the parking facility exit.

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