16 Feb 2018

New Functionality Revealed

Quercus has just released a brand-new exciting functionality that will make the management of your parking garage even more efficient. LPR Area is a BirdWatch functionality that allows for the management of the occupied/free parking spaces based on the license plate capture at entries/exits in an outdoor parking area, usually the rooftop car parks. With this information, the car park staff can perform an accurate vehicle inventory and make sure that the occupancy data is always updated.

Birdwatch offers infinite possibilities as a smart parking management platform, like: 

  • dashboard displaying the most relevant parking facility information - business targets on a single web page for agile and simple viewing.
  • Statistics on each parking space, access points, occupancy, rotation, stay times, space reservations and personalized marketing strategies.
  • Map of every parking facility floor, with capacity to select any of the SC Indoor park sensors and observe the status, space by space. 
  • Search capability through all footage, parking space movement and facility access point logs, video surveillance of parking spaces, based on vehicle license plates.
  • Automated reports, incident reporting via e-mail or on the platform itself - allows personalization and export of reports in any format required.
  • Find your car -  simply entering the license plate number into the parking management system. 
  • Video Wall and integration with CCTV - possibility to strategically monitor parking spaces and arrange them on a standard monitoring and surveillance "wall". 
  • Real-time notifications on the different events that occur in the facilities, preventing any complication.

Discover a few of the parking reports you can generate by integrating devices within the comprehensive parking solution on a single parking management system. The reports can be grouped by days of the week, and times, and compared to those of other periods of time. They can also be segmented and compared by parking areas.

  • Average occupancy: Shows the occupancy of a parking space, area or aisle over a given period of time.
  • Peak occupancy: indicates the maximum occupancy of a parking space, area or aisle over a given period of time.
  • Occupancy and rotation heat maps: these tell the time that the vehicles have been parked in a given space, over a certain time period, and how many rotations the space has had.
  • Occupancy time according to the time of entry / exit: this shows the average time that vehicles have been parked in a given parking space over a certain time, indexing the data by occupancy and exit time.
  • Travel time: this shows the average time a vehicle takes to travel from the parking facility entrance to the parking space, or from the space to the parking facility exit.

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