30 Aug 2018

New reference in Tallaght, Dublin

The Tallaght shopping mall located in Dublin City, already has the control and security provided by the vehicle detection cameras supplied by Quercus Technologies. This shopping centre is one of the largest in Ireland, reflected in the 22.2 million visitors it receives annually and the 4.64 million who use its parking spaces. 

Analysing the number of people who visit or work in this large shopping centre, they decided to increase the security of the centre by installing 4 new SmartLPR Access cameras in their car park, allowing automatic access for staff and customers. Now all their parking spaces are monitored and controlled thanks to the Quercus Technologies access control system.

The identification of all the number plates of vehicles entering or leaving the facilities allows the movements that take place in the car park to be recorded at all times. This ensures that there is no theft or fraud on the premises, increases traffic flow, reduces queues and waiting times, and allows the reservation of parking spaces for VIP clients.

The global parking solution offered by Quercus Technologies allows you to manage your parking space comfortably and securely, guaranteeing an unbeatable experience for all customers. 


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