20 Nov 2019

Our Sales team presented a successful showcase at APNE 2019

Carlos Diana, Global Sales Director, and Víctor Roig, Business Development Manager, are showing Quercus Technologies global parking solutions to different real cases through the company’s experience and the quality of its products at APNE 2019

Our Sales team is holding three workshop sessions during the celebration of the airport event (17th - 19th November) with an interactive presentation that make the more than 30 attendees think of their car park problems and the ways to fix them.

Quercus Technologies is committed to events in the parking and mobility sector. That is why we do not miss the opportunity to meet industry professionals in person at events such as this interesting fair of Parking Network, APNE. The airport vertical market is one of the most interesting for our company, as it is a sector with many strategic opportunities.

Airports always have the highest security and are spaces where time is very valuable. It is therefore essential that the user experience is optimal and that users find a seat and/or access and leave the facilities in the shortest possible time. 

Avoiding unnecessary queues at the entrance lanes and in the parking aisles is very important to enhance the user experience and to ensure that the user repeats the parking experience frequently thanks to the parking guidance system or the access control of the facilities. 


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