24 Feb 2017

Our SmartLPR Access NA now at San Leandro Station, California

Our SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras are now controlling vehicle access to the San Leandro station car park, located on the east coast of San Francisco Bay, California. 

Our license plate recognition units guarantee reliable control and maximum security at the car park entrances and exits, preventing ticket fraud and vehicle theft. The intelligent parking system offered by Quercus Technologies helps to automate the flow of traffic generated in car parks, minimising the time spent entering and exiting the car park. The automation of barriers, license plate recognition and ticketless option offered by Quercus Technologies' cameras facilitate these complicated crossing situations, making the user experience much more satisfactory and continuing to rely on us in the future.

The car park guidance system provides all the solutions to satisfy the different needs that users may have. In addition to guiding vehicles to available spaces, it offers control and video-surveillance of all spaces, thanks to the licence plate recognition. 

All information is collected directly on the software platform offered by Quercus Technologies, providing data of interest to the customer, with the clear objective of optimising car park management and adding the changes required for the best use of the car park. 


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