27 Jun 2019

Parc Central adds Quercus cameras

The largest and busiest shopping center in the province of Tarragona, Parc Central, has installed 10 SmartLPR Access cameras. The cameras in a cabinet-like housing add to those already installed helping to improve mobility and facilitate access to the parkings of the facility - both the parking of the roof and the one in the underground.

Parc Central is one of the many companies and organizations joining the Quercus Technologies experience in detection and license plate recognition: increasing the safety of parking users and providing useful information to the parking owner.

Our LPR camera is an All-in-One license plate detector based on Quercus Technologies' proprietary technology. The ANPR camera is designed to contribute to mobility and security at the parking facilities and car access control systems. 

The LPR system provides information on the status of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot, making it easier to avoid false claims such as damages caused outside the facilities that may be related to the vehicle's stay in the parking lot. Facility managers control all the lanes that access the parking lot and control all the data of interest, considerably increasing security in the parking lot.


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