8 Jul 2016

Quercus ANPR cameras make it to the news on KARK NBC 4 channel in the US

Quercus SmartLPR® Access will make drivers'life easier at Clinton National Airport! The license plate recognition units manufactured by Quercus control vehicle access to the parking facilities of the airport, accurately identifying the number plate and the entry/exit time of the vehicle. As a driver, having your license plates registered saves you trouble when it comes to paying for your parking stay.

SmartLPR® Access is a powerful All-in-One license plate recognition unit based on the proprietary technology developed by Quercus Technologies and is designed to contribute to intelligent mobility and security in parking lots and access control areas. These cameras include all the necessary equipment for license plate acquisition and processing in an All-in-One solution: the digital license plate reading camera with motorized lens, OCR processor, lighting, Wiegand output interface, inputs/outputs and Ethernet.



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