7 Jul 2022

Quercus’ camera-based guidance system, installed at the São Paulo World Trade Center

Drivers parking at the World Trade Center now benefit from easier mobility and enhanced security thanks to the recently-installed Quercus Technologies comprehensive parking solution.

The World Trade Center is a multi-use complex of buildings that stands out for its innovative, modern facilities, as well as its prime location. This project has become an icon of the city’s development, and a model for the greater Brazilian business community. The impact achieved by combining a 5-star hotel (Sheraton São Paulo Hotel), Latin America’s largest event facility (WTC Events Center), the largest design and decor shopping mall (D&D Shopping), a modern office complex (WTC Business Tower) and a corporate business club (WTC Business Club) has turned an entire neighborhood into one of São Paulo’s leading business districts. 

The technological innovation that comes from a high-quality parking guidance system is a key factor that parking facility users at the World Trade Center now benefit from. A growing number of parking facilities are taking decisive steps to turn their premises into climate-controlled areas that generate the smallest possible amount of pollution, and are equipped with technology that brings higher levels of security, control and immediacy. The parking facility is often the first impression made on users. So why not make it as positive as possible?

To cover the 1,022 parking spaces of this business complex, and in cooperation with our partners at Estapar, a total of 382 SC Indoor ID parking sensors have been installed. These sensors not only guide drivers to available parking spaces, but also enable video surveillance of the spaces, detect vehicles and identify each of their license plates. Parking sensors indicate the availability of each space, and also inform on the type of space required, whether it be for individuals with reduced mobility, families, electric vehicles or spaces reserved for VIP’s.

The informative LED displays installed at various points of the parking facility are also essential to guarantee that drivers don’t waste any time searching for a free parking space. For example, if the user cannot find a free space on the first floor they try, it is important that the panels inform them in real time where to go to be able to park as soon as possible. That is why installation of proper signage is more than relevant to further improve the parking facility user experience.

All data on vehicle movements inside the parking facility are logged in the Quercus parking BirdWatch platform, another way to upgrade levels of parking control and monitoring.

What other benefits come from parking guidance technology?

A parking solution that facilitates access to the premises, reduces the time it takes to find an unoccupied space and improves vehicle flow through the parking facility is a must for any operator to bear in mind in their business strategy. 

Having guaranteed security is the factor that users attach most importance to when using a private parking facility. Parking sensors that feature video surveillance capability over every parking space enables users to know their vehicle is secure and under control, and that in case of any incident such as theft, accident, or a fake accident report, they have a detailed video record of everything that has taken place in the parking spaces, and the means to resolve any issue immediately.

What’s more, providing them with that automation thanks to smart parking is fundamental to make end users loyal, since operators can design marketing strategies, adding specific rates and subscriptions depending on the customer type. License plate recognition makes it possible to get an overall idea of users’ parking patterns. With this information, reports can be generated for the continuous improvement of the parking facility model to be achieved.

Last, don’t forget that these systems guarantee more eco-friendly facilities. With license plate recognition, operators no longer have to worry about handling tickets at parking facility entrances and exits. In addition to making traffic much more fluid, you can reduce pollutant emissions generated by vehicles in and outside the parking facility.


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