15 Mar 2022

Quercus parking guidance system, now at Thirty Eight Elizabeth

The Thirty Eight Elizabeth Shopping Center, sited in the heart of downtown Tauranga, is the first complex in New Zealand to offer a contemporary architectural blend of shops, residential buildings and restaurants, all in a privileged location. This new residential and commercial development features a rich gastronomic offering with extensive outdoor leisure areas, 23 luxury townhouses, 97 high-end apartments and 340 parking spaces distributed over a five-level parking facility

Among the key missions of a complex of this magnitude is the drive for automation, mobility and enhanced user experience. A facility with traffic as intense as Thirty Eight Elizabeth needs building management that is as efficient as possible. Operators have every reason to bring these benefits to the complex and strive for a comprehensive parking space management system. In order to make this vision a reality, Thirty Eight Elizabeth has chosen Quercus Technologies parking solutions, installing its parking guidance system through our partner Imperium IQ.

To supervise and monitor the 167 public parking spaces of this New Zealand shopping center, 70 SC Indoor sensors were installed, which indicate the availability status of each parking space, and inform drivers of the type of space (individuals with reduced mobility, family spaces, VIP, etc.), ensuring increased agility and accessibility to the parking garage, reducing lines and congestion of vehicles throughout the different areas of the parking garage. This parking system brings a more convenience to end users, and cuts down on time spent hunting for an available parking space, while also facilitating optimal use of the entire parking facility.

To help make the parking management system even more complete, LED matrix displays have been installed at strategic locations in the parking lot. Their main function is to facilitate the movement of vehicles to the different areas of the parking lot where parking is available.All of this information is compiled and analyzed second by second on the Birdwatch software platform, for operators to receive it in real time. Users also have a clear and immediate view of changes in space availability and these are reflected on the LED displays in real time to improve mobility within the facility. 

This comprehensive view of all movements generated in the parking garage helps garage management to make good business decisions and evolve the user and operator experience. Another key trait of this platform is the capacity for easy and customized integration with other suppliers' systems, which can ensure increased security and maximization of facility use, especially in known peak traffic periods.

Shopping centers are among the market niches where Quercus works most often; they make up a profile of customers who seek to invest in state-of-the art technologies to streamline parking systems, enabling users to benefit from a facility with the highest levels of security and convenience.


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