9 Sep 2022

Quercus guided smart parking system deployed in the San Bernardo parking facility

The Quercus Technologies comprehensive parking solution boosts security for users of the San Bernardo parking facility (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). The Las Palmas municipal government aimed to implement a smart parking system, for the parking process to be automated, achieve more monitoring capacity over each parking space and streamline vehicle flow in the parking facility. In this project, which was directed by the public administration, integration was possible thanks to close cooperation with SKIDATA Ibérica.

The San Bernardo car park is one of the most intensely-used in the city, as it is located in the city’s busy downtown shopping district. That is why implementation of the guidance system has brought benefits to parking facility users and operators. Its somewhat complex structure hindered access to certain areas of the parking garage. It was also difficult to drive in reverse in some areas. Sooner or later, this would have caused more than one accident.

The parking guidance system guarantees improved user experience on a broad scale. Having complete control over the infrastructure means a more efficient use of the parking facility. What’s more, the video surveillance over each parking space that comes about with SC Indoor ID sensors enables operators to take quick action in case of any incidents that could arise in the facility. These parking sensors are the most accurate and comprehensive tools to equip the premises with everything necessary for it to become a safe, intuitive place for users. The sensors empower operators to track the occupied or available status of each space in real time, including spaces reserved for individuals with reduced mobility and electrical vehicles. With this technology, customers can find a space in record time; no stress, no waste of time. Not only that: the sensors generate highly useful information that facilitates the later analysis of the data, to keep implementing improvements that optimize the service.

The parking garage has four underground levels, and a total of 372 parking spaces, 127 of which are reserved for subscribers. In addition, it offers users different charging points for electric vehicles, and others for individuals with reduced mobility. The 115 sensors installed in the garage make it easier for users to move around the facility, and the search for an available space much simpler.

Beyond improving the quality of the parking service, the BirdWatch parking software integrates with the LED matrix displays installed outside. Thanks to these panels, users can see the number of available space and their type (normal, for electric vehicles and reserved for individuals with reduced mobility). Inside, the panels show the level of the garage where there are available spaces, making the process faster and easier. The integration of the parking system with other elements brings about an overview of each movement in the parking garage and facilitates much more accurate data analysis.

What’s more, the parking system generates analytical data by sectors and levels on the occupancy of the parking garage and reports that contribute to more centralized management. This parking management system now enables operators to maximize their resources, take strategic decisions and boost their Business Intelligence.


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