2 Jun 2022

Quercus license plate recognition cameras now monitor accesses at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport

A growing number of airports are improving their business models, adding capacities to offer passengers first-rate service from the time they enter the parking premises until their flight takes off. The parking facility is a key area to bear in mind in the process of improving airport infrastructure. In light of the increase in daily users, offering a more automated system that provides more efficient and dynamic solutions that benefit everyone will ensure that both parking facility users and operators have a satisfying experience.

With this goal in mind, and as part of its strategy to implement a smart parking system, the Phoenix airport decided to install license plate recognition units at the entrances and exits of its parking facility. Phoenix Sky Harbor International is Arizona's largest and busiest airport, in addition to one of the most important commercial airports in the United States. An airport of this magnitude needs to implement a system that brings security and control to the entire facility, ensuring the well-being of airport users and employees alike.

Automation of access control means that parking at the airport is now simpler and more convenient for customers. SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras make it possible to immediately identify the license plates of any vehicle entering the parking facility, even in low-visibility conditions. They also log entry and exit times in the parking software. Users are able to enter and exit the premises with no need for physical contact with anything. At Phoenix Sky Harbor, customers simply scan a QR code from a mobile device.

Another advantage of LPR technology is that, thanks to license plate recognition, parking charges can be calculated remotely. As the time of entry into the parking facility is logged, the exact price to be paid by each driver can be calculated. What's more, at the exit, the system confirms that the user has already paid for their stay and automatically lifts the barrier to leave the premises.

Both the automatic control at access points, and ticketless operations facilitate reduced traffic in and outside the parking garage, which are great ways to cut down unnecessary consumption of fuel and paper resources.

How ANPR technology improves security

Quercus Technologies offers a high-reliability license plate recognition system that enables total control over vehicle flows at parking facility entrances and exits, in addition to their interior areas. This technology boosts airport security measures, as it is capable of detecting illegal parking accesses, ticket swapping or attempted vehicle thefts. What's more, Quercus' parking software platform allows complete integration of the SmartLPR Access technology with other parking systems. It is an essential tool for optimal centralization of all the data gathered by the license plate recognition units, thus facilitating analysis of all the information obtained, as well as ongoing optimization and improvement.

Their effectiveness and the high level of autonomy they provide, are making license plate recognition cameras more commonplace at airports. They help accelerate a parking facility's entire process, and automatic processing of data in a simple and dynamic way.


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