24 Jan 2022

Quercus Technologies license plate recognition units installed at Jeddah Airport

Passengers and freight are constantly moving through airports at a fast, but closely monitored, pace. Passenger information is logged in the airport’s general data system, which centralizes the inputs provided by the airlines. The same goes for airport parking facilities. License plate recognition units bring added value to this concentration of Big Data at such facilities, by providing information on vehicle ownership, the hours of entry and exit, and therefore, the time a vehicle with a given license plate spends in the facility.

This way, the details of all persons who park their vehicles are monitored. Their stays and rates can also be recorded and linked in a robust, intuitive parking management platform. This way, parking operators and owners have all the information at their fingertips. The result is tighter security throughout the facility, and a safer, more pleasant and trouble-free user experience.

The parking facilities of the Hajj and private aviation terminals of the King Abdulaziz International Airport in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah are equipped with Quercus license plate recognition cameras to monitor vehicle access into the facilities. In all, 17 Smart LPR Access license plate recognition units interpret the Arabic-language license plates of vehicles that enter and exit through the 17 access lanes. The private aviation parking facility has four lanes to serve 550 indoor parking spaces. The Hajj terminal has 13 access lanes equipped with LPR cameras, which provide access to some 800 parking spaces.

License plate recognition units can interpret the Arabic alphabet

Arabic-language license plates are no limitation for Quercus Technologies license plate recognition units, as their processors identify and record the characters used in Arabic. Automatic access to a parking facility boosts the end user experience and mobility in the entrance and exit lanes, cutting back on lines and the stress they can cause.

The company has license plate recognition units installed in numerous countries with Arabic-language license plates. The United Arab Emirates is made up of different jurisdictions; each emirate issues its own license plates for regular and special (police, government, etc.) vehicles. Quercus Technologies’ optical character recognition can read any of these complex license plate formats. 

For example, in Oman, the license plate recognition software can now distinguish between different types of license plate, among them: those of the state police force, export vehicles, the diplomatic corps and even license plates we define as “VIP”.

Arabic-language license plate recognition is made possible by Quercus Technologies parking system software. The company works tirelessly to improve its reliability in countries of the Middle East and other regions around the world, so that all of them can benefit from the multiple parking facility solutions offered by Quercus.


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