30 Aug 2021

The parking experience at airports with parking guidance systems

Airports are places where hundreds of thousands of people and goods converge throughout the day. Passengers embarking and disembarking, picking up their bags, goods in private transport going from one part of the airport to another, and then to the rest of the world. Passenger information is recorded in the airport's data system, which centralizes the information provided by the airlines that register their travelers. 

The centralization of all this information is essential for good coordination, synchronization, people management and informed strategic decision making. The same as in a parking lot. The data of all parkers, their license plates and vehicles, as well as their stays and rates, can be recorded and linked in a user-friendly and intuitive parking management software. 

In this way, the parking operator will not miss any data, increasing the security of all vehicles and other properties, and facilitating commercial strategies that build customer loyalty, improve the parking experience and increase parking revenues, among other benefits. Thus, an airport needs a fast and efficient parking guidance system that avoids queues and traffic, and allows to locate available parking spaces in the shortest possible time. That is, an airport with a parking guidance system with cameras. 

There are few airports that do not have one or more outdoor parking areas where vehicles can be parked. Thus, a global parking solution must include an outdoor parking solution that is robust enough to manage these outdoor areas. A non-invasive way to control the airport exterior is the SC Outdoor guidance system, which has a very low infrastructure cost in terms of installation and maintenance.

Airport parking needs an ANPR parking system not only at the access lanes, but also at every parking space in the facility. That's why Quercus Technologies' global parking solution is one of the most complete options to streamline movements within the facility, increase facility security and reduce travel time searching for a parking space and improve the parking experience.

Guidance management system at Brazil's Congonhas Airport

One of Quercus Technologies' airport parking success stories is the case of Congonhas Airport, operated by Estapar in Brazil's capital city. Quercus Technologies' global parking solution is perfectly adapted to the requirements and needs of the airport. These requirements were the streamlining of traffic around the facilities and at the accesses to them, an increase in security with video recording in each parking space and an integration with the modern aesthetics of the parking lot.

Picture of the Congonhas airport garage

The parking experience in these cases is optimal: you can reserve a parking space online, registering the license plate and with automatic and easy access. Accessing a facility as busy as an airport without having to touch any surface in the process is an added value for parking lot users. In addition, the convenience of knowing that you will have a specific parking space available thanks to the online reservation is beneficial for drivers who park in the parking lot.

Finding a parking space quickly at an airport is essential. In few places will you be in such a hurry as those where you have a specific time to board. Thanks to Quercus Technologies' smart parking system, the time to find a parking space is reduced considerably. This is thanks to parking sensors that indicate the availability of parking spaces from the middle of the aisle, digital matrix panels that guide drivers to areas with vacant spaces, and a long list of other elements that make up this global parking solution, which aims to enhance the parking experience.

Some of the features of Congonhas Airport's global parking solution that benefit parkers' experience are: 

- Time savings when deciding to park their vehicle on 5 subway garage levels.
- Increase of internal flow on each floor with quick identification of free and special parking spaces.
- Ease of locating your vehicle if you have forgotten where you parked.
- Possibility to pay according to the parking fee if you have lost your parking ticket.


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