13 Jul 2022

Quercus number plate recognition units enable smooth access to Riyadh Boulevard for vehicles.

Riyadh Boulevard is located in the north-western Riyadh region of Saudi Arabia. The whole complex was designed and built in order to uphold a firm commitment to the environment, which is why it uses long-lasting, low maintenance materials to make the urban space as sustainable as possible.

The Boulevard is a place where the Saudi entertainment authority holds one of the season's top events in the city. This is why the installation of SmartLPR Access cameras by Idex Services was among the client's top priorities, as it ensured that entrances and exists would be free from congestion and boosted users' safety thanks to recognition of each vehicle's number plate.

The private car park in Riyadh Boulevard is intended for users of different kinds, from employees and distributors to event spectators, subscribers,and VIPs. Thanks to the installation of ANPR cameras and the automation at entrances and exists that these allow, every user can now get in quickly, conveniently and without interruptions. They also offer the option of giving a higher priority to VIP clients by assigning them an exclusive lane to get in and out faster.

The aim of ANPR cameras is to enable efficient management of a car park. Recognition of every user's number plate allows total control of parking, boosting the security of both the car park and the site. Moreover, making traffic more fluid avoids congestion at entrances and exits and speeds up the process of finding an available parking space.

LPR technology for a complete overhaul of parking

The versatility of our SmartLPR Access number plate reader integrates easily with other parking systems and can be used with BirdWatch, the brand's own parking software. A number plate recognition system needs to give an accurate reading of the different vehicles entering the site, taking into account the angles at which they come in and the positions that could affect correct reading of the registration number.

ANPR systems allow highly practical, dynamic access for all users, with the plus that they often render contact of any kind unnecessary at both entrances and exits. Access control systems read the vehicle's registration number, record it in the parking platform's database and allow it to enter the car park. The monitoring offered by systems of this kind is an advantage both for clients and for car park operators, as it delivers extra control of parking. It is also a key factor in improving traffic and avoiding queues.

The parking software in our LPR systems offers the option of an insight into user behavior on the basis of the real-time reports with statistics that they provide, as well as when the most visits occur and how much each vehicle uses the car park. This information is of vital importance for car park operators, as they can use this tool to achieve maximum profitability and precise maintenance of their car parks.


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