12 Aug 2019

Quercus Award in Computer Vision

The Quercus Award in Computer Vision, in collaboration with the ETSE of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, is an award that aims to distinguish the best academic career among students of Computer Engineering at the university. The award is open to students of the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria de la URV who have enrolled and completed 210 ECTS.

This award arises from the desire of Quercus Technologies to collaborate with the academic sector of the region, in order to collaborate with the university in the organization of the graduation ceremony. During the graduation ceremony, a representative of the company presents the award to the selected student.

Candidates normally submit their curriculum and academic record and the finalists are called for a face-to-face interview with representatives of Quercus Technologies, which will finally decide which of the candidates is the winner of the Quercus award.

The Quercus Award in Machine Vision consists of an employment contract proposal, the possibility of doing the final thesis on the company, with their collaboration, and a technological "gadget" of the company's choice.

The R&D team of Quercus Technologies welcomes Gwen. The winner of the Quercus Award in Machine Vision has not only won an employment contract at Quercus Technologies but also a brand new electric scooter. Congratulations Gwen and have a fabulous welcome!


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