23 Jan 2019

Quercus Technologies celebrates its VIII Company Meeting

Once a year Quercus Technologies brings together all the teams from headquarters and subsidiaries in a week replete with activities and meetings. This event allows each department to share its vision and create a united view of the company, analyzing the 2018 results and defining next year’s strategy ahead. Quercus’ corporate culture favors dialogue, brainstorming and networking between colleagues. We are heading into a challenging year full of innovations and the willing to achieve our goals, along with satisfying our customers.

The Company Meeting is the ideal occasion for all members of the company, subsidiaries and headquarters, spread around the world, to enjoy a week of teamwork in the same workspace. In addition, they dedicate the time to leisure and team building activities, outside the company, which benefit the camaraderie and good understanding among all team members.

This corporate event has already been held for many editions, a week of activities aimed at reinforcing camaraderie and increasing the feeling of belonging to the corporation: a company with the objective of working as a team to add and give added value in a healthy and cooperative way.


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